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Ultimate Life is a truly unique affiliate programme, one that specialises in high quality gym supplements marketed exclusively at the female lifting community.

Ultimate Life promotes high quality, bespoke supplements with emphasis very much on single product brands that offer great commissions and deliver the very best results for their customers.

To read more about how we work and why you should join the network scroll down.

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The network’s number one product ‘Leanbean’ is an all natural, professionally formulated fat burner created just for women.

Leanbean is a single product company that combines elite performance with an aspirational brand that customers love and come back to. A sort of ‘Protein World’ of the affiliate sector.

Leanbean has grown quickly, is currently produced in the UK and US and is selling worldwide.

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Why Leanbean?

The simple answer is that Leanbean converts at a very high rate and by partnering with us you can guarantee that you get maximum rewards for your hard work. But that’s not the only advantage of signing up; here are few other reasons to choose Leanbean:

  • It’s an aspirational brand which puts the needs of the affiliate and customer first.
  • High quality supplements and workout programmes sold all over the globe.
  • Strong social media presence and consistently positive reviews.
  • Strong customer loyalty.
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Benefits of the programme

We don’t work with retailers meaning the margin that would usually go to them goes to you the website owner. If you have a fitness or supplement website and are looking to monetize your traffic then Leanbean is the perfect fit for you. Sign up today and
benefit from:

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High Commissions

We offer up to 30% commission and like we said are able to do so because Leanbean is only sold online, direct to the customer. What’s more we are geared towards a high average order value in order to help you maximise returns.

High Converting website

By working with Leanbean you will be partnering with the very best in sports supplements and more importantly recommending offers that convert on average at over 7%.

Dedicated affiliate support

Ultimate Life’s dedicated team are committed to working with you in order to build a successful website and are on hand to support you with any content needs, ideas for generating traffic as well as high- quality banner adverts.

Bespoke banner advertising

All our high-quality banner advertising can be tailored to meet your individual website’s needs.


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